Agreement with Restaurando Futuro Foundation

By virtue of the collaboration agreement with Restaurando Futuro Foundation, 2TeamNFT, Inc. owner of the digital and traditional art marketplace NextAgeGallery, and as part of the social work carried out by 2TeamNFT, a gallery has been created for artists collaborating with the Fundación Restaurando Futuro. 50% of the income obtained by NextAgeGallery from the sale of the works in the gallery will be donated to the foundation. The aim is to strengthen the work of helping vulnerable communities in Colombia through art and new technologies.

On the other hand, access to company resources will be facilitated so that people supported by the foundation can receive training in community management and carry out internships under the supervision of our community managers. These tasks will also be rewarded with PHAST tokens to promote the motivation and integration of these people.

Agreement with Restaurando Futuro Foundation
Agreement with Restaurando Futuro Foundation - 2TeamNFT

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