About us

Our Story

We focus on universalizing access to the blockchains.

The main idea of 2TeamNFT arose after the purchase of a Picasso piece by Antonio Luis Lara, CEO of the company, who decided that any art enthusiast could be a co-owner of a work of art regardless of their purchasing power. From this central idea, based on the tokenization of art assets, and after several contacts with David Vázquez, COO of the company, they decided to launch the project with the aim of universalizing and democratizing the purchase of physical assets through tokenization, whether they are works of art, music, video, intellectual property, or real estate.

Our Approach​

We know that our customers are the very center of the business. ​

2TeamNFT was born with the vocation to serve business and customers in a crucial moment where the digital merges with the analog. While the digitization of society, in general, is increasingly profound, the adoption of Blockchain is not, which sooner or later will dominate the way we sell, buy, work, and ultimately, relate to each other. 2TeamNFT is a pioneer in the integration of traditional art into the blockchain sphere.

2TeamNFT is a new business project promoted, created, and managed by a group of professionals from different sectors of activity, including fine arts, graphic arts, process control, marketing, and computer engineering.

2TeamNFT is dedicated to art web and smart contract development, NFTs sales, and, more importantly, the tokenization, sale, and auction of physical assets, that will allow companies to increase their visibility and sales. It is an integral service that includes all the necessary steps from the web (marketplace/e-commerce/shop in a metaverse) and process design to the promotion on social media. All this is in an ecosystem supported by a blockchain where transactions are secure and immutable where the currency that serves as the engine of the system is a Polygon token called PHAST.

Before all these challenges arise 2TeamNFT, with the desire to lead the modernization of artistic support without subtracting one iota of its essence, style, or avant-garde.

Board of Directors

2TeamNFT‘s board of directors is made up of passionate art professionals with more than 15 years of experience in Technology, Engineering, and Marketing, and Fine Arts.

Our motives


2TeamNFT’s mission is to become a benchmark in the tokenization, marketing, and sale of tokenized assets, with or without physical asset backing, through the web and blockchain-connected metaverses.


Respond to customer and consumer demand for access to investment in tokenized assets, democratizing and universalizing access to them, maintaining a constant quality in the services offered, guaranteeing maximum security of their transactions through a fast and personalized service, through the web and efficient smart contracts that will allow the participation of the end buyer in all decisions on multi-property assets that are environmentally sustainable.


Passion for excellence.
Act with integrity.
Growing together with our clients.
Promotion of culture.
Concern for the environment.