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We have the best experts in web 3.0, metaverse, online marketing and blockchain to offer you the best possible service by providing comprehensive solutions.

2TeamNFT is dedicated to the sale of NFTs and, specifically, to the tokenisation, sale and auction of physical assets. All this accompanied by the best digital marketing services, SW development and participation in metaverses so that your business experiences an exponential increase in visits and sales.

Our consultancy service will advise you on the best technology for your business, whether you need to create an e-commerce website, a marketplace, improve your website, improve your SEO, NFT design, develop bespoke smart contracts or create a metaverse business.

About Us

We Focus on building a new environment including strong, Intuitive, and Dynamic Sites to promote your Business in the best way.

But not only that. We accompany you throughout the development process and in the sale and post-sale of your services and products to maximize your achievements.

We also offer a space for those who do we also offer a consulting service with which you can discover what kind of website you need for your business, improve your current website, boost your positioning, and, of course, the possibility of adapting your business to the blockchain world through the tokenization of assets, supply chain and sales in metaverses.

Given the importance of communities in the blockchain world for companies, we will help you create and grow your community of followers so that they are the ones who help promote your products and services.


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Our Services

Serving our artists over the whole World

2TeamNFT has a universal vocation. Our marketplace is aimed at professional artists and young talents who seek to increase and achieve their goals, regardless of where they come from. We currently have collaborations with different universities so that their talented students can exploit their potential with us. If you or your community are interested in participating in this experience, please contact us through the form below.

For those who prefer to focus on the creation of gaming cards, collections, and other types of works not included in the fine arts, we propose an international diffusion of your pieces by publishing them in the most efficient marketplaces to achieve your goal, whether in Asia, Africa, Europe or America. We offer end-to-end solutions for artists and galleries.

Discovery our communities

Today, to achieve success in the digital world, it is essential that content reaches the right communities. For them, we offer active communities in all the essential social networks with an impact on your business.

Content & Creative​

We know that quality is non-negotiable for our customers. Therefore, all our actions are focused on ensuring that their products and services are offered with the highest quality standards.


Whatever your goal is, we will be your loudspeaker in the digital world, taking your products and services to where they will be a success.

Strategy & Roadmaps

Sometimes, new talents need a Es difícil elegir tecnología, tipo de web, tipo y alcance de las It is difficult to choose technology, type of website, type and scope of promotions. It is also difficult to define the customer profile and to find and attract them on social networks. Our expert consultants will solve all your doubts and advise you on all the steps to follow to achieve success.


Our marketplace NextAgeGallery will pioneer the tokenization of high-quality art assets. In which only artists recognized for their style and young promises will participate. Always under the supervision of our team of consultants who will ensure the quality of the works at all times. Collectors will be able to buy a work of art and obtain an NFT with the image of the work, which will also become a certificate of authenticity of the work even if it is resold. This means that the collector gets two pieces for the price of one and the artist can obtain royalties from the resale of the NFT.

Coding & Development

We create specialized websites for e-commerce and marketplaces with or without asset tokenization (NFT), including SEO consulting to achieve greater visibility.

In addition, for those companies that need full integration of NFT services, we offer our API that allows you to integrate into your infrastructure everything you need to incorporate NFT sales and auctions into your organization.

Our marketplace’s goal is to create the largest artists and collectors’ online community, focusing on trust, quality, security, and, above all, ART.

Antonio Luis Lara

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To paraphrase Robert Greifeld, Blockchain is the biggest set of opportunities that we can think of over the next decade. Inspired by that, 2TeamNFT will be with at the client’s side to accompany them all the way to success.
David Vázquez

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Has the Internet changed our lives? Have mobile phones changed our lives? The blockchain is something that is that transformative.
Romas Degutis

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2TeamNFT is a project created with illusion and, above all, to differentiate ourselves by being clear and direct.
Enric Poch

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