Buy an Artwork, not just an NFT

In my last post about why artists are selling their artworks in the wrong marketplaces, I tried to make everybody realize that it is really complicated to be found in the middle of an NFT see without any limitation on quality. In this article, we urge you to buy an artwork, not just an NFT. It is the best way to ensure that your purchase will appreciate in value in the future.

That’s a nightmare for artists that see they have to share the same space with NFTs that could have been made by a 10-year-old child.

But, what about the collectors, the buyers, the ones that really give sense to this business. Is it logical to have to browse through hundreds of pages to find an NFT that is really worthwhile? Is it logical to have to browse through hundreds of pages to find an artwork that is really worthwhile? I can tell you: NO, It isn’t.

The first rule for buying a piece of art, or an NFT is that you must love it, especially if you buy it from a generalist marketplace. The chances are very high that it will not appreciate in value over time. Unfortunately, it is very likely to depreciate. It is the risk taken by shopping without a defined objective and without the necessary tools to make a good choice. The revaluation of an investment can never be guaranteed, but the probability that it will be fruitful increases exponentially when you inform yourself, compare and let yourself be advised by experts.

Recommendations to buy an artwork, not just an NFT

So, what is my point? Easy, don’t risk your money. Dont bet, invest.

There is a new way to buy NFT with collateral that makes your investment doubly valuable. The new art marketplace, Next Age Gallery, offers you advantages that no other marketplace does. Most importantly, there is no room for poor-quality artwork. All of them are selected by our art department according to strict quality standards. But not only that. Broadly speaking, there are two types of pieces for sale: digital and physical. Thus, when an artist creates an NFT, he/she also can acquire a glycée print of it. In the same way, when physical work, such as an oil painting, is offered for sale, an NFT with the image is offered for the same price.

The license can be for web use, social media, or commercial license. And the giclée print in 25cmx25cm or 50cmx50cm.

Buy an artwork, not just aNFT. Oil Paiting
Oil Painting

Next Age Gallery

If you decide to purchase a traditional artwork, such as the one shown in the image above, you will additionally receive an NFT with the same image for the same price.

In addition, NextAgeGallery is designed for all audiences, including collectors and investors who do not have a wallet in which to store their NFTs. For this reason, NextAgeGallery offers a custody service thanks to which you will be able to store your NFT until the moment you decide to sell it. When you will receive the amount of the sale minus the service fee. Likewise, the works can be purchased with crypto or fiat money, which facilitates the purchase by any collector.

Of course, excellent consulting service is available, whereby a team of experts will advise you on what artwork you should buy in a personalized way with respect to your objective, your budget, and your own tastes.

For all the reasons stated above and many others that will be published in future posts, NextAgeGallery is positioned as the best current alternative to buy and invest in works of art and NFTs. Buy an artwork, not just an NFT.

Stay tuned for updates. NextAgeGallery will be available soon.

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