Temple of Askur – Restaurando Futuro Foundation agreement

As part of the social work efforts, and by virtue of the agreement between 2TeamNFT, Inc., the company that develops the www.templeofaskur.com website, and the Colombian foundation Restaurando Futuro, whereby the company and the foundation collaborate in helping young people at risk of exclusion in the town of Tolima, Revolv SA, owner of www.templeofaskur.com, has decided to contract the design of the main images of the website to the foundation.

In addition, to facilitate the purchase of artistic material for the training of young people, Revolc has committed to make a monthly donation of €50.

The Restaurando Futuro foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research, design, and execution of social impact projects through new technologies. It is currently working to build the first art and technology laboratory for rural children in Colombia.

They support independent artistic processes, integrating the appropriation and use of new technologies to provide alternative access to the enjoyment of cultural goods and services in rural areas or highly vulnerable contexts. To this end, they carry out different projects such as the “NFT Taiba gallery”, the historical memory project “Arqueología Urbana” or “Somos Cay”, through which they contribute to intervention processes with priority populations in the Cay district of the municipality of Ibagué – Tolima.

They provide services for the development of research with a constructivist perspective. In them, the choice of the epistemic approach that best fits the social object is subject to deliberation. They gather information to understand the multi-causality of the problem, elaborate creative solutions for the situation and involve resources and variables within the community. Finally, they promote the generation of social movements that generate innovation for the resolution of different problems.

Revolc’s financial contributions will go towards the purchase of equipment so that the children can carry out artistic activities in that context.

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