In a traditional tokenization system, the generation of NFT tokens would be sufficient to run
the system, but 2TeamNFT’s desire for democratization, as well as the belief that the best way to
benefit the investor is to make him a participant in the governance.
The need for a proprietary token is determined by three fundamental characteristics.

• Partial collateralization of the token to offer our investors and token holders maximum
economic security and reduce volatility.
• Need for a governance token that allows investors to participate in company decisions.
PHAST Tokenomics 2TeamNFT 7
• Token as utility offering discounts on the asset purchase prices

In the system devised by 2TeamNFT, the PHAST token not only allows the purchase of assets within
the system, obtain benefits by investing in liquidity pools, or receive rewards for the performance of
certain tasks that generate value for our customers but also empowers its holders to have a say in
some of the company’s purchasing and investment decisions.

20% of PHAST token sales and 10% of 2TeamNFT’s annual profits will go towards the asset
purchasing that serves as collateral for the phast token so that each year the collateral for the token
will be larger. The choice of asset purchase will be made, once available, through a smart contract
that will allow phast holders to choose from a list of options.

In the same way, it will be possible to decide which assets to sell. In such a case, the dollar amount
obtained from the sales (the equivalent in PHAST) will be burned to increase the token price.

The scope of these features is difficult to understand without reading our whitepaper. This is why we
strongly recommend reading it, but in any case, an example is presented for ease of understanding.

The PHAST environment is divided into projects, among which NextAgeGallery stands out for being
the first to be launched. In this case, year by year, 10% of the marketplace’s profits will be dedicated
to the creation of art collections belonging only to PHAST token holders. From NextAgeGallery
different options will be offered on a website where holders will be able to connect with their wallets
and vote among the different possibilities with a weight equivalent to the percentage of tokens to the
Total Supply.

In addition, since NextAgeGallery boasts of being an exclusive art marketplace, it only allows access
to a reduced number of consolidated artists selected by our validators. Once the maximum number of
artists has been reached, when the number of works for sale is reduced and it is feasible to add a new
one, it will be decided by consensus from among the artists selected by our validators.

Besides, purchases in the marketplace using the PHAST token will receive a 2% discount

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